Indoor Hitting Room

A highlight of the training facilities on offer includes the best equipped analytical centre to be found in Austria. Here the club’s professionals can use the latest high-tech tools to analyse the technique of any player and provide him or her with development solutions.
As one of only two clubs in Austria (and one of less than twelve in the whole of Europe), Murstӓtten can draw on the use of a 6D analytical system which uses electromagnetic measuring and three different sensors to measure the kinematic sequence of any golfer . 6D Amm is currently the only method available which can measure and analyse both the rotation as well as the translation in any golf swing . The system’s “bio-feedback” training module also allows translation of the practical theory into the necessary physical development through the use of tones.

The analytical centre can provide the basic information for every player such as ball speed, launch angle, spin speed, ball flight, distance etc. It also provides club data such as club-head speed, rhythm measurements and club path. Finally, the physical movement of the golfer is captured enabling analysis of things such as weight transfer and movement through use of high speed cameras from four different angles.