Rules and Etiquette

Our guidelines for behaviour of members and guests whilst on Golf Club Gut Murstӓtten’s premises is an important foundation of ensuring the most enjoyment for all golfers during their visit. An indispensable part of the wonderful sport of golf is the maintenance of each course’s rules at all times. Most importantly, we expect each and every player to take all other individuals who are on the golf course at the same time as he or she into consideration at all times.

  1. All golfers are expected to adhere to the required dress code at all times (for more information see “Club Rules and Dress Code” below);
  2. All green fee players must pay their green fee at the club reception prior to commencing their round. Green fees are not transferable and green fee cards must be attached to golf bags and be on clear display during the entire time the player is on any part of the course. Any transgression of this will result in an immediate expulsion from the course.
  3. Unless otherwise permitted during tournaments, all members and visitors must wear spike-less or soft spike shoes when playing on the course or using the club’s practice facilities.
  4. All players are required to not act in any negligent manner which could otherwise result in the damage and/or injury towards other individuals or property on or around the course at all times.
  5. Right of privilege on the course:
    1. Weekdays (Monday-Thursday): flights of 2 over flights of 3 over flights of 4
    2. Fridays, weekends and bank holidays: flights of 4 over flights of 3 over flights of 2
    3. No flight shall be larger than 4 at any time
    4. All flights taking part in a tournament have right of privilege over other flights
    5. Any round over 18 holes has the right to overtake any flight that is taking place over a shortened round
  6. Playing speed: all players in a flight should maintain a good speed of play at all times and should, wherever possible, not lose contact with the flight ahead of them. It is imperative that play is speeded up by any flight when prompted to do so by a course marshall. Players involved in a tournament may be required to adhere to specific speeds of play as set by the organisers.
  7. Every flight must, without any prompting or direction, give privilege to a flight which they are holding up behind them in the event that the next hole is free, irrespective of any rules relating to privilege referred to above.
  8. Driving range balls may be exclusively used on the driving range and may not be removed for use elsewhere. Any breach of this may result in an immediate playing ban.
  9. All pitch marks on greens must be repaired without exception.
  10. All players should take care at all times to avoid taking any action which could result in any damage to greens, such as unnecessary spike marks, poor replacement of flagsticks or golf trolley/cart wheel marks.
  11. Every player should replace all divots he or she makes, with the exception of those off tees, during his/her round.
  12. Should a player be required to hit a ball out of a bunker, he or she should make good any and all foot prints and uneven surfaces with the provided bunker rakes. After using a rake it should be replaced in the same rake holder provided around the edge of the relevant bunker.
  13. All greenkeepers have a right of way at all times on all parts of the course in order to complete their work of maintaining the course. Any action which may in any way endanger a greenkeeper or the use of any abusive or threatening language whatsoever will not be tolerated and will result in an immediate expulsion from the course.
  14. Users of golf buggies do not have any special rights. Anyone using a golf buggy on his/her round must comply with the rules surrounding their usage especially regarding the driving on tees, aprons surrounding a green or greens themselves as well as narrow gaps between bunkers and greens, all of which is strictly forbidden.
  15. Any actions which are a severe breach of the club’s rules or etiquette will be reported to the manager of the club and may result in the immediate expulsion from the course and/or a prolonged ban.
  16. Players are not permitted to take their dogs with them when playing the Championship Course . Dogs may accompany their owners on a round on the Südkurs but must be kept on a lead without exception. Owners are also required to ensure that they clean up after their dogs at all times.
  17. We ask all players that they wear correct golf wear both on the course and in the club house at all times (see “Club rules and dress code”). It is also expected that members and guests wear appropriate clothing when attending functions held at the club in the evening, such as award ceremonies and/or meals.