Even though the statues of the club refer to a Chairman or Chairwoman being the head of the club, it is common in the international world of golf to give the head of the club’s board the title of “President”. It is his or her job to oversee the day-to-day business of the club, ensure that all matters relating to the club are dealt with in a satisfactory manner and in accordance with the club’s rules and to represent the club at the Austrian Golf Association (ӦGV)
. Dr Günter Paulitsch is the club’s fifth President and having held the position since 2000, also its longest serving . As with the club’s main board, the President too must be (re-)elected every five years.



Mag. Eugen Roth
2023 -
Dr. Günther Paulitsch
2000 - 2023
Hannes Käfer
1997 - 2000
Franz Pelzmann
1995 - 1997
Harold Schmid
1992 - 1995
M.H. Bachofen-Echt
1988 - 1992