Club Champions

The unique handicap system of golf means that unlike almost any other sport, all players compete on a level playing field for their abilities during a tournament . However, once a year the question truly is, “Who is the best in the club?” The question is answered during the Club Championship, held, uniquely in the club’s calendar, over two days, over two rounds of stroke play . There are a number of different championship categories on this weekend but the main aim is to discover who will be the male and female club champions . However, even those who have no chance to win on the basis of stroke play, these two days offer the opportunity to compete against the best and also to every individual to discover their own abilities.

The roll of honour of all club champions since 1989 is below:

  • Nikolaus Skene


    M.H. Bachofen-Echt


    Patrick Marko

    Burschen U18