Championship Course

It is not by accident that the Championship Course in Murstӓtten has received rave reviews from world class golfers such as Joost Luiten and Sergio Garcia (then a youth golfer). With bunkers and water in play on many holes, this course offers everything required to challenge a golfer
. It is also one of the longest courses in Austria with a distance of 6417 meters (7018 yards) from white tees and 5,381 meters (5,885 yards) from black. Even the distances from yellow and red (6,031 and 5,072 meters respectively, or 6,595 and 5,547 yards) offer a competitive challenge to all. For all those who would like to better understand how to best take on the Championship Course, here is a hole by hole description from reigning Club Champion Phillip Hӧdl:

Course Infos

Tee white
PAR: 72
Length: 6417 m
Raiting men's
CR-Wert: 73,3
Slope: 124
Tee yellow
PAR: 72
Length: 6031 m
Raiting men's
CR-Wert: 71,1
Slope: 125
Raiting ladies
CR-Wert: 77,8
Slope: 128
Tee blue
PAR: 72
Length: 5381 m
Raiting men's
CR-Wert: 67,6
Slope: 112
Raiting ladies
CR-Wert: 73,7
Slope: 123
Tee red
PAR: 72
Length: 5072 m
Raiting men's
CR-Wert: 66,2
Slope: 114
Raiting ladies
CR-Wert: 71,6
Slope: 122


Hole 1
Hcp 13

A par 4 that is not long and offers a generous fairway to drive, enabling players to get off to a good start. The only danger is an out of bounds on the right. The green is deep and has a hump in the middle.

360 m
334 m
329 m
285 m